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Behavior Based Services

Behavior Based Services® is an independent consultancy company founded in 2011

(previously TPI Middle East) delivering customized solutions that empower organizations and individuals to achieve predictable and superior performance using Behavioral and Cognitive Psychology.

Culture is the shared beliefs and values that drive behavior and performance in any organization. It also drive employees choices at any level every day.

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This study from Harvard University by Dr. Kotter & Dr. Heskett show how the corporate culture effects the bottom-line.

However, bottom-line increases are not the only benefit of this change. A climate made up of high morale, cooperation, teamwork and synergy are all part of the increases and efficiencies readily identified in the Kotter & Heskett study.

Whether the organizational objective is to increase market share or to develop a spirit of cooperation, The Behavior Based Services focus in changing behaviors that are necessary to produce more effective cultural norms.

We Also equip people, teams and organizations with the means to unleash their inventive, creative potential to find better means to perform.

Why Choose Us ?

Key Strengths

Geographic Coverage:

BBS has completed projects in many countries in the Middle East and these assignments have involved numerous cultures and societies. We believe that we have a strong sense of in-country values and this is reflected in repeat client business and referral.


BBS has built a strong reputation for delivering practical solutions to clients worldwide. As a result, BBS has maintained strong working relationships with all its clients who appreciate the diligence and friendliness of our experts. This reputation is underpinned by fully qualified consultants who have accumulated considerable hands-on experience in all areas of training, coaching using cognitive physiology.

Commitment and Support

BBS is committed to working with its clients to ensure the best possible project results. In particular, we emphasise 'hands-on' practical work and solutions.

It is our policy as well as the individual expert's concern to develop competence in counterpart staff through knowledge transfer and to attempt to ensure the continuance of the project work and thinking after completion of the contract. Our desire to protect our reputation coupled with our experience and that of the wider group, assure clients of top class commitment and support.


BBS focus on aligning human capital to business goals. BBS provide Behavior Based Training (BBT) solutions designed to enhance the level of talents (Attitudes, Skills & Knowledge) and competencies in order to achieve business & personal goals, taking into consideration the psychological concepts of learning and unlearning (Mindsets, Attitudes and Habits) to ensure that learning is not just implemented but motivates to use.

BBS teaches the skills and disciplines of managing your mind. BBS teaches young people to think about their thinking, manage change, set and achieve meaningful goals, lead more effectively and think in ways that create success. BBS activates and helps release potential and power within people.

BBS has 5 focused domains:

    1- Behavior Based Training,
    2- Behavior Based Assessments
    3- Behavior Based recruiting
    4- Behavior Based Safety
    5- Meta Coaching

Our Vision

“To serve as an initiator for positive change”

Our Mission

“To unleash the human potential by providing effective Behavior Based Services.”

Our Services

Behavior Based Training

Behavior Based Safety

Behavior Change Management

Parenting Training & coaching

Middle Management boot camp

Leadership Coaching

Team Coaching

Developmental Coaching (8-15 hours)

Typically for three months or less, the focus of the engagement is to identify and prioritize developmental needs. A brief data gathering interview with the executive’s supervisor lays the foundation for the work to be done. A developmental plan is created with the client. The coach jump-starts the plan with a quick transition to client independence with supervisory and HR support for continued progress.

Executive Coaching (24 to 30 Hours)

Typically for six months or less, the focus is to identify and prioritize developmental issues. An initial assessment and data gathering is completed by the coach, including if applicable a 360 degree feedback process. The coach is retained for the implementation of the plan and follow-up for the client.

Expanded Executive Coaching (40 to 60 hours)

Typically for six to twelve months, the focus can be: Identify and prioritize developmental issues. An initial assessment and data gathering is completed by the coach, including if applicable a 360 degree feedback process. The coach is retained for the implementation of the plan and follow-up for the client. Support the client in addressing and keeping a clear picture of strategic issues of the organization while addressing personal developmental issues.

What we do?

Organizations & Teams

We work with organizations and teams in various sectors, including business, government, health, education, athletics, community regeneration, and criminal justice to drive performance improvement. We leverage powerful metrics and processes to diagnose culture, evaluating both the current reality and vision for the future. This research and analysis inspires a compelling agenda for change, redirecting toward constructive and achievement-oriented cultures that are set up to succeed.

Leaders & Other Individuals

Our programs and processes enable chief executives, public leaders, professional athletes, veterans, job seekers, parents, youth, and other individuals to thrive by changing their beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors and elevating aspiration, motivation, and efficacy. First we leverage a robust set of metrics to explore and assess opportunities. We then develop strategies to support effective thought processes. Finally, we provide coaching to guide our clients toward positive, sustainable outcomes. These results are effective in the short term and sustainable.

Government and community

We empower government and community organizations establish the management and leadership skill to foster efficiency, maintain discipline, and elevate morale. On an individual level, we enable employees and constituents to develop thought processes that support creative problem solving. Business: We guide businesses of all sizes to develop the shared vision and skills to achieve ne levels of success. We do so by coaching leaders to foster productive, innovate and accountable teams, and by enabling employees to become aware of how their thought processes, talents and actions can support or inhibit positive outcomes.

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